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Student has Photo Booth Birds Above Head in Fake ID Picture – Frat Bouncers Still Give him Wristbands


Photo (with edits) by dmv.ca.gov / Public Domain

Before arriving at Penn, Seiji Sample (C ’21) had no idea he would need a fake ID, but within the first week he already saw fellow freshmen going in on orders together. Sample, a sensitive soul, had a little trouble finding friends during NSO. As a result, he missed out these orders.

Soon, Sample decided that he would just get one on his own. However, without a friend, he didn’t know how to take a proper photo. After many failed attempts on his phone’s self-timer, Sample decided to just screw it all and use his laptop.

The endless filters on Photo Booth immediately overtook him. The hearts, the nose twirl, the thermal camera – it was all too much. He knew in his mind that he should just use the normal camera for the most believable ID, but his heart told him that there had to be another way. How was he supposed to convey the dizziness of his college years without the help of the dizzy birds? Who else understood his sadness like the little blue creatures? No -- little blue friends.

They were the only things he could call friend at this school. He had to respect that by including them in the photo, and so he did.

No club or bar would let him in with that ID, but the frat bouncers didn’t care. Sample believes it was because the frat bouncers were the only ones who could hear the birds’ song.

UTB asked a frat bouncer if this was true, to which she responded “I’ve never looked closely at an ID photo while working here. It’s already bad enough I have to see these kids’ faces in person.”

Sample may be the only one able to hear the siren song of these birds, but it doesn't matter. He gets to drink that sweet, sweet Franzia at all the registered parties anyway.