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Op-Ed: I Loved Being an RA and Can’t Wait to Get High With My Residents After Finals


Photo by Lauren Baron

Being an RA is extremely rewarding. My residents and I really bonded over the course of the semester, and even though I had to turn several of them in for drug and alcohol related violations of housing policy, we maintained a great relationship.

I’m very passionate about community dynamics on campus. My college house is my family at Penn, and I’m always looking forward to house-sponsored events to strengthen the group dynamic, so why shouldn’t I take some initiative and organize my own? I think my residents would love to get high with me.

Judging by the constant citations I had to write for marijuana possession, the total lack of participation in our intermural soccer game on 4/20, and the strong attendance at “Happening in Harnwell: Grateful Dead and Hacky Sacks on High Rise Field,” I think they’d be pretty into it. Besides, who’s going to turn us in? The RA? Oh wait…