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Report: 3 Residents Show Up to Free Diamond-Cutting Event Advertised in Rodin Listserv


Photo by Ayako Kano / The Daily Pennsylvanian

As a study break during finals week, Rodin College House recently hosted a diamond-cutting workshop in its Rooftop Lounge. The event, held on the evening of the last day of classes, was free of charge to any Rodin resident and allowed each participant to walk away with a small but precious cut diamond. 

However, attendance was inexplicably low: only three residents attended the workshop, including the RA who had organized it. Baffled, house staff watched as hundreds of well-dressed students streamed out of the Rodin lobby.

"I've been advertising this event in the Rodin listserv for the past two weeks," said the confused RA who had organized the workshop. "I mean, we really went all out for this one, since we didn't use up our budget earlier in the year when our residents were requesting funding for hall events."