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Bold! This Student Went Home to Study During Reading Days and Never Came Back


Photo by Pxhere / CC0

Finals season is upon us, and many students from the area are migrating home to increase their productivity while they prepare for exams. Allie Gross (E '20) is among the homeward bound, but one thing sets her apart from her peers: Allie has no intention of returning to campus this year.

“It just seemed like the logical move,” Allie told UTB. “Everyone talks about how much they hate finals and how they would rather do anything than take them, and honestly, staying home is a lot less drastic than things I’ve heard mentioned. Like really? You’d do anything? I’m just going home a week early, not stabbing a puppy,” explained Gross.

UTB tried to contact Gross for further comment, but she had already set up a default reply message for her SEAS email that stated she was enjoying her summer vacation and would reply to school-related correspondence in August.

Allie received a zero on all of her finals, but according to her twitter is enjoying the beginning of her summer and “pleased to find that radical self-care really is the answer to finals stress.”