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Wow! This Cool, Professional Summer Intern Wore a Satchel Instead of a Backpack!

Walk Satchel Street Book Bag Fashion Pants Man

On the first day of his new internship, rising Senior Carl Jefferson entered the office feeling perplexed. Accustomed to crowds of students wearing similar backpacks across campus, he was shocked to see a sudden disappearance of this accessory he had come to love and respect. 

Jefferson, who can regularly be spotted on campus with one of his four Hershel backpacks, decided that an upgrade was necessary for his latest professional endeavor. 

"At school, I'm a young stud. But at work, I'm a young professional," remarked Jefferson. "I can't be spotted wearing any of these 'hip' backpacks or none of my co-workers will take me seriously."

Reports indicate that Jefferson went on Amazon and purchased four different brands of satchels (or as he calls them, "messenger bags,)" after his first day. 

Now with a satchel in one hand and a coffee mug he never drinks from in the other, Jefferson is showing the professional world what he's all about.