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Quiz: Do Your Summer Coworkers Hate You?


Photo by Trollbackco / CC BY-SA 4.0

It’s that time of year when Penn students are just getting settled in at their summer jobs. But settling in can lead to getting too comfortable, which could lead to your coworkers hating you. Take this quiz to stay ahead of the curve and find out if your coworkers think you’re a real dick.

When it’s getting close to lunchtime, your coworkers…

  1. Exchange subtle looks while typing on their computers and then all leave at the same time.
  2. Continue to stare intensely at their computers, because lunch is for weaklings.
  3. Decline to share your baloney in a Ziplock bag.
  4. Gradually go to get food at varying times each day.

You would describe your work wardrobe as…

  1. Significantly more formal than what everyone else wears.
  2. Significantly more clean than what everyone else wears.
  3. Significantly more casual than what everyone else wears.
  4. Pretty much similar to what everyone else wears.

Which of the following do you always have with you at work?

  1. A nameplate. Wherever you go, people will know your name.
  2. Your computer. Because you need it to do your job.
  3. An empty banana peel.
  4. A pen.

What was the longest conversation you and your coworkers have had at work?

  1. A 15 minute conversation about everyone’s SAT scores. To be honest, you did most of the talking.
  2. A 45 minute conversation about pi.
  3. Several 5 minute conversations where you asked the group questions about how to do your job.
  4. A 15 minute conversation about your boss.

If you got mostly 1s: Your coworkers definitely hate you. But it’s really not their fault - they hate you because you’re a real dick.

If you got mostly 2s: Your coworkers don’t hate you. You hate them.

If you got mostly 3s: Your coworkers definitely hate you. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like you’re trying that hard to avoid them hating you. Why would you offer them baloney from your Ziplock bag?

If you got mostly 4s: Your coworkers don’t hate you. And they might be cool! You may actually make friends this summer!