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​Student’s Proudest Moment of Semester Getting 500 Likes on Penn Meme Page


Photo from StockSnap / CC0

College sophomore Justin Rankin finished the semester with a 3.8 GPA, completed writing seminar requirement, and internship at a Fortune 500 company. However, he boasts that his proudest moment of the semester was breaking 500 likes in the Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club.

Having spent two years on the sidelines, watching and liking as friends and classmates achieved a few hours of glory, Rankin was delighted to stumble upon the perfect quote for a meme. After sending out the image to his closest friends, asking them for advice on the caption and their guarantee that they will throw him a like as soon as he posts it so he’s not left hanging, Rankin was ready to post.

He agonized over the best time of day to post in the group before he realized that the page is literally always active. The night before his Chemistry exam, he submitted his meme to the group. Rankin, the captain of his high school’s debate team, was terrified to put himself out there and swore not to check his Facebook again until after his exam. One can only imagine the boost it gave him, after exiting an exam on which he didn’t know how to answer half of a short answer question, to check his Facebook and receive the notification that his meme had gotten over 500 likes.

“I’d never really felt like I’d ever achieved anything worth doing,” Rankin told UTB in an exclusive interview. “Then I received affirmation from 542 of my peers and realized that maybe I do have something to offer the world: dank memes.”

Rankin has not yet come up with an idea for his second meme, but he knows that his classmates are expecting a lot out of him, and he will not disappoint.