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Amy Wax Accepts New Job as General Counsel of Papa John's


Photos (with edits) from Penn Law, Flickr / CC 2.0 

Just weeks after her Supreme Court nomination, Amy Wax seems to be pursuing a different, more unconventional career path. Seemingly blinded by Penn's toxic corporate culture, Wax has accepted a new role at Papa John's as General Counsel and Head of Legal Affairs. 

"I think it will be a great fit," stated a spokesman from the company. "Professor Wax has shown to be a huge admirer of pizza in the past. Oddly enough, it seems like she has only ever tried cheese pizza and has some pretty controversial opinions on pizzas with diverse toppings and flavors. Anyways, we're ecstatic to have her on board."

With the recent controversial departure of John Schnatter from the company, some speculate that Wax may soon become the face of the Papa John's franchise. 

If Wax does indeed fill the void left by Papa John himself, get ready to see her face all over campus. No longer limiting her exposure to DP op-eds and DP news headlines, Amy Wax is ready to have her face plastered on every Papa John's pizza box across the world.