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BREAKING: Trump Selects Amy Wax as Supreme Court Pick


Photo from Stream / CC 2.0

The legal system is renowned for its divisive nature and the discourse it promotes, caused by countless discrepancies in ideologies. However, there has perhaps been no better agreement between two key figures in the legal system than President Donald Trump and renowned Penn Law professor Amy Wax. 

In a shocking, unprecedented move, Wax has been appointed by President Trump to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. 

Only a few months after being tapped to replace Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education, Wax has already risen the ranks and developed a close relationship with Trump. The two reportedly have a great deal in common, including their political views, their thoughts on the legal system, and the amount of minorities who actively support them. 

Trump also deviated from the norm by selecting a woman for the Supreme Court, highlighting his inclusive spirit and support of female professionals. As Wax eloquently put it herself, "Donald Trump is about as sexist as I am racist."

Wax refused to comment directly to UTB, but promised, "I'll publish some really controversial article or something about it in the next few weeks. Maybe stir the pot a little, you know?"