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Woah! Andrew Is an Incoming Finance Concentrator at The Wharton School


Photo by Johnny Magnusson / CC0

It seems like Penn is the perfect match for Andrew Green (W ’22). The New York City native let the world know on LinkedIn—roughly a week after being admitted—after he updated his headline to ’Incoming Finance Concentrator at the Wharton School’.

“You know I had to do it to them,” Green concisely explained.

Some upperclassmen were surprisingly impressed by Green’s confidence, and believe that it will take him far in the business world.

“It’s pretty badass. I thought when I told the world 2 years in advance that I would be an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs, no one could be bolder. But this, this is bold,” Daniel Benjamin (W ’19) told us.

As recruiting cycles continue to be pushed earlier and earlier, Green’s decision starts to make more and more sense. If you don’t let the world know early enough, you risk missing out on a ton of opportunities.

In all honesty though, this pales in comparison to the boldness shown by serial, multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Maurice Goldberg. The Huntsman student let all of his connections know that he was an incoming CEO for a soon-to-be-named venture in 8 months. Nothing wrong with planning ahead.