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Huntsman Closing at 2 a.m. Gives Wharton Students First Ever Urge to be Engaged

Credit: Cindy Chen

This past week, Penn administrators announced that Huntsman Hall would be closing at 2 a.m. The policy was enacted in an effort to curb stress and all-nighters on campus, effectively curing mental health issues at Penn. Wharton students are now holding protests after the new policy shined a light on a small dark corner of their soul saved for political and social engagement – a corner previously untapped.

With the calm and politically gentle year of 2017, most Wharton students had no idea anything in the world was problematic enough to be deserving of a protest. "I got my Goldman internship in the fall, and cruised through my marketing classes until I could chill in the city this summer," said John Potters (W '19), a protest organizer. "It was really a shock to the system when I heard about this new policy."

Wharton Junior, Kelly Michaelson echoed Potters' sentiments. "Last year I almost protested, when I didn't get the internship at Bain even though Sarah did and she was way less qualified. This policy change put that all in perspective." 

She elaborated, telling UTB that, "Huntsman closing at 2 reminded me that there are things in this world worth fighting for. Things bigger than myself and the amazing time I had at this really cool boutique over the summer. GSRs are a human right!"

UPDATE: Protests ended abruptly at 2 a.m. after students in GSRs were politely asked to leave. "I re-thought it and I was just like, whatever. I was pretty wiped anyway," said Michaelson in a later interview.