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Smart: This Company Will Pay For Your College Education in Exchange for Just Your Organs


Photo (with edits) by OpenStax / CC BY 3.0

Have you ever found yourself wishing that college wasn’t so expensive? Have you ever thought to yourself, "I don’t even know what half of my organs are for?" Well, if you happen to have done both of those things, you're in luck! Organic Education is offering college students the deal of a lifetime—they will pay for your college education in exchange for just your organs.

“This is what the free market is all about,” said economist Rhonda Tritler. “People can exchange goods and services with others who value those goods and services more.” While the logistics of the program have not yet been fleshed out, the company’s founder, Joe Klane, is optimistic about its potential.

“I really think this idea can change the world of higher education,” Klane said. “For years, people who believe in the value of educating young people have been trying to find a way to make higher education more affordable, and I believe that with Organic Education we’ve finally found that big idea.”

The company hopes to be up and running by 2020, at which point they expect to have polished off all the details of the post-graduation organ extraction. By 2024, they expect to have their unsubsidized package, where students can begin donating their less vital organs as undergrads, ready to hit the market. But until then, the company plans to allow students to pay off their student loans in exchange for organs. CFO Hallie Johnson said of the program, “We heard the cries of current college students and we didn’t want to abandon them, so we’re adding the debt relief program to ease their burdens post-graduation.”

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