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Engineering Freshman Not Wearing Cargo Shorts and Free T-Shirt Forced to Transfer


Photo by Whoisjohngalt / CC BY-SA 4.0

Over the past few weeks, Josh Adebayo (E ‘22) has been in the spotlight of the Engineering community for his decision to break ranks with the school’s strict culture of dress.

Instead of conforming to wear cargo shorts and a “Venmo” or “King’s Court ‘22” tee every day, Adebayo often wears joggers in addition to his favorite PennApps shirt, or, occasionally, his $800 Supreme hoodie.

On Monday, Engineering department spokesperson Angela Patel announced that “Adebayo will no longer be permitted to stay in our school. Instead, he will be forced to transfer to the College, if he continues to break solidarity with his CompSci comrades.”

Josh is not a big fan of being forced to transfer schools a month into his first day of college. “I just don’t understand what’s going on!” He stated in an interview. “I’m an international student, so this is my first exposure to American culture. Are you all this crazy when it comes to dressing? I didn’t realize all engineers have a secret agreement to wear the same thing every single day.”