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Uh Oh: New LinkedIn Feature Will Flag Your Headshot If You’re Naked from the Waist Down


Photo by Bradley Smith

The days of partially-nude headshots are over. Thanks to a recent LinkedIn update, you can no longer annoy that one friend with a fancy camera to snap 60 identical photos of you outside Huntsman in your best blazer while completely naked from the waist down.

This new feature creates an unexpected obstacle for many in the midst of OCR. “I just had my headshots redone—fancy new suit jacket, high-end camera, beautiful day, the summer breeze gently aerating my genitals,” said Wharton junior Barry Higgins. “And now my LinkedIn profile has a giant red 'X' on it. What will BCG think?”

According to the networking service, employers requested the change because they felt misled by applicants. “We would offer an interview to someone who appeared to be dressed well, but they would show up in nothing but a shirt and blazer,” said a recruiter. “We only hire candidates with pants. No exceptions.”

If the flagging algorithm didn't make OCR hard enough, LinkedIn will also soon alert employers of any fake organizations you claim to have started.