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No Huntsman No Problem: The Best 24 Hour Spots to Fuck


Photo by Biruk Tibebe / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Sure, Huntsman closing means you need to find new 24-hour study spaces. But more importantly: where on campus are you going to fuck while your roommate is sleeping?

If you can be quiet:

High rise stairwells

If you're a high rise resident stuck in a double (or can get someone to sign you in past 2 a.m.), this could be the option for you. Sure, sound carries extremely well across the entire building. And there might be roaches. On the other hand, everyone is too lazy to take the stairs, especially from the ground floor, so you're golden—unless there's a fire alarm. For a little extra security, you could also try the music practice rooms in the dungeon.

If you want to feel a breeze on your back:

Roof of David Rittenhouse Laboratory

What if you kept going up the DRL stairs? You would find several doors leading outside to different roof levels. The observatory door is locked, but the lower roof of DRL is accessible to anyone. With a suspiciously squishy black material underfoot and a plethora of exposed piping (possibly carrying waste from the research labs in DRL's bowels), it's not the prettiest location. But it's there.

If you need a large, flat surface:

The front of any lecture hall

Think about it: many academic buildings have 24-hour access. Thus, other students will choose to study in those buildings' classrooms, where ample desk space and seating is available. They aren't going to Towne 100 or Meyerson B1 to study—so the stage is all yours.

If you want to fill your bucket list:

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