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PennApps' New Shower Stations Go Unused

PennApps shower

Photos from Public Domain Pictures / CC0, Adi Dahiya / CC BY-SA 3.0

In response to the overwhelming stench which wafted through the hallways of the Towne building during PennApps 2017, this year’s organizers decided to place fully-functional shower booths at each corner of the event space. Surprising to nobody but unfortunate to many, these booths remained empty for the entire weekend.

“We expected at least a few early adopters to try the showers, at least for the novelty,” said an organizer. “The novelty of bathing, I mean. Not a portable shower.”

Participants worked for 36 hours straight on their projects, taking occasional breaks to loudly crack their fingers, drink Soylent, or command their Google Home to replay “Despacito.” Never did a break include a trip to the conveniently-located showers. 

“I wasn’t even aware there were showers available,” commented participant Nelson McNally (E '20), who created a website which can predict the future. “I still don’t fully understand—you stand under running water for five minutes? What about your clothes? Where do you put your computer?”

In response to this year's failures, organizers intend to make an even greater push for hygiene next year. "We might set the sprinklers off, or offer $5,000 to everyone who bathes," they said. "It will be tough."