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SAC Releases New Guidelines for Having Pizza at GBMs


Photo by Luke Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

To pursue their mission of promoting a positive club culture on campus, the Undergraduate Assembly and Student Activities Council have partnered to release a set of guidelines on having pizza at club GBMs. The exhaustive rules cover the particularities of which pizza stores are recommended, which toppings are acceptable, and which utensils are necessary for serving pizza.

"We really tried to cover all the bases without making the guidelines overly complicated," said SAC executive board member Jeremy Perren (C '20).

The guidelines are meant to prevent the use of pizza as an advertising factor for GBMs, which has caused many a Huntsman room to swell with fire code-violating numbers. SAC stipulates that clubs with "food" at their GBMs must specify what kind will be served in their Facebook event descriptions.

"We hope that these guidelines will prevent freshmen from being lured to GBMs with the promise of 'dinner,' only to find that there are a hundred people who have to share three cheese pizzas," Perren explained. "We also have a ranking of recommended pizza places. Allegro's is first, followed by Zesto's, and then Domino's. Originally, we were also going to require that the type of pizza be specified in the description, but unfortunately we received too much pushback on that."

Finally, the guidelines mandate that pizza must be served with paper plates, and can only arrive fifteen minutes into a meeting or later.

"We want to prevent a mentality that you can just grab pizza and leave. By making the pizza arrive later, we can reduce the number of people making a serendipitous choice to grab free food, and ensure that more people actually hear what your club is about. Plus, the pizza will still be hot!" Perren enthused. "These guidelines may seem annoying now, but we all need to make sacrifices for a better future."