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Sophomore Banished to Hell by Protester Was Already in Electrical Engineering


Photo by Sage Ross / CC-BY-SA-2.5

Nick Menon (E ’21) was taking his daily stroll to DRL for an engineering lecture when he saw a large congregation of protesters near College Green.

“I just saw a lot of people yelling for no apparent reason. A minute later, I got berated for supporting women’s rights and vaccination, and somebody told me that Dean Furda was the third Antichrist.”

One protester took it a bit too far and told Menon that he would be forever banished to Hell, despite him not uttering a single word. He inevitably broke his silence. 

“Nice try, I’m already studying electrical engineering,” Menon concisely explained.

Our sources tell us that the protester was also a former electrical engineer, and he sympathized immediately.

“That really sucks man. Have a nice day!” the protester replied.

Moments later, Menon made his way to ESE 370.