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Annoying Attention Seeker in English Recitation Actually Cracks Funny Joke


Photo by PorquoiPas / CC0

Monica Kowalski (C ‘21) is not a pleasant person to share a classroom with. A stuck-up girl who never learned manners, Kowalski dominates almost every recitation she goes to, finding the most inappropriate times to crack wildly inappropriate jokes.

Although she is an aspiring comic with the confidence and drive, she lacks one trait: comedy. Her jokes and witty remarks are timed poorly, cross boundaries, and are just simply not funny. Nevertheless, during almost every recitation, Kowalski interrupts the class by revealing her new comedic material to a classroom of head shakes and eye rolls.

Everything changed this week during recitation. As the TA was talking, Kowalski began thinking of possible responses. As the class was wrapping up, the TA mentioned that the readings were in the binder at the front of the room.

“Binder?” shouted Kowalski. “I hardly know her!” The class erupted in laughter, and everyone made sure to high-five Kowalski before they left the room.

“Yeah, I don’t think anyone was expecting that,” says Lauren Daniels (C ‘21), frequent critic and ENGL205 classroom dynamic pundit. “Usually she’s annoying and obnoxious, but I’ll admit I laughed at that. That still doesn't mean I want her to try new material next class, though.”