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The Ten Best Erasers For When You Realize Your Whole Exam Is Wrong Five Minutes Before It’s Over


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Number 1

This first one is for the light writers. If you write very lightly, you’ll be able to smoothly erase your entire exam with just this little thing in under 15 minutes. While designed for the more ameteur erasers, this classic works for everyone.

eraser 1.jpg

Number 2

The next level up from the original, this eraser cap is the perfect eraser for low to mid level erasing. If your writing has a medium tread and you prefer to be neat with your erasing, these caps are the right erasers for you.

eraser 2.jpg

Number 3

The classic is a must-have for all you regular fuck-ups. If you often find yourself having answered an entire question incorrectly, this is the eraser for you. These guys are more of an investment than the eraser caps, though, so don’t invest if you’re not at least somewhat responsible with your belongings.

eraser 3.jpg

Number 4

This eraser is a funky take on the classic for those fuck-ups that want people to know they’re a little quirky. How do you erase your entire exam while also sending out creepy basement vibes? This eraser is how.

eraser 4.jpg

Number 5

This eraser is almost identical to the classic, but it comes with a little cardboard holder for those students who want a more sturdy grip. This eraser is perfect if you anticipate needing to erase entire pages at a time.

eraser 5.jpg

Number 6

This next eraser is weird looking, almost unusable, and smells weird too! Coming in all sorts of cool shapes and colors, these erasers are likely to leave colored smudges on your exam. These are great for when you’ve pretty much given up on yourself and your education.

eraser 6.jpg

Number 7

This drawing eraser is only recommended for those students who are really serious about their erasing. Its weird clay-like texture will make you look fancy and as if you know what your doing as you frantically erase full pages of your exam.

eraser 7.JPG

Number 8

This eraser should only be used in those extreme cases when you need to cover up entire pages worth of writing. It should only be used in small amounts and may need to be applied in several coats. Because it requires drying, we recommend that you only use this if you also have a hair-dryer handy.

eraser 8.jpg

Number 9

This next one is for those cases when you really fucked up and need to eliminate something completely. If you’ve written your entire exam in pen, this eraser may be necessary to prevent anyone from reading the Game of Thrones fanfiction you wrote on your chem test.

eraser 9.jpg

Number 10

Lastly, this eraser should only be used as a last resort in cases in which you’ve accidentally written something so horribly idiotic that no trace of it can continue to exist. It should be used with caution and only in controlled areas of your exam room.

eraser 10.jpg