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Epic Win: Boy Starts Crying Instead of Screaming During Consulting Case Interview


Photo by Johnny Magnusson / CC0

Last Monday was a big day for Wharton junior Justin Morowitz, who interviewed for yet another consulting company despite having been rejected from over 60 firms. Morowitz was reportedly “on the brink of screaming” throughout the entire interview but resisted the urge. He cites failure to do so in prior interviews as “just a small reason why I [Morowitz] haven’t been able to get an internship yet.” 

The case portion of the interview is, as a Wharton senior and prospective consultant said aptly, “almost as anxiety-inducing as going to prom with your sister.” According to one Wharton study, over 75% of consulting applicants either scream or perform an equally disturbing gesture during the first round of case interviews.

Morowitz, who only burst into “choking, silent sobs," views his McKinsey interview as a big success. Getting a consulting job, he told UTB, has been his primary goal for many years, ever since he found out that his father missed his birth because he had a fourth round interview at Bain

“It’s my turn to carry the torch. Granted, I have neither experience nor knowledge to offer companies that want my experience and knowledge, but this is my duty.”