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Freshman in CIS Office Hours Confused by TA's Response: 'At Two-Hundred Twelve'


Photo by Bonnie Mendelson / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Freshman Jack Liu, a prospective CIS major, attended CIS 160 office hours on Tuesday evening to receive guidance on his homework. Unfortunately, he left more confused than when he entered.

Liu received assistance from Stanley Hong (E '20), an intelligent and experienced TA. He had hoped to ask a few clarifying questions on one of the homework problems and get feedback on whether his approach to the problem made sense. But when he asked Hong about an ambiguous wording in the question, Hong simply responded, "At two-hundred twelve."


"At two-hundred twelve," Hong repeated, rolling his eyes. God, freshmen could be so clueless.

Liu continued to stare at him, confused. Hong pointed to the queue of CIS 160 students on the board. Each of them had been numbered; Liu was 253.

"I...don't understand," Liu said sadly. "I just wanted to know if induction would be a valid way to help Hannah solve her ramen bowl problem."

Hong sighed. "This question has been answered numerous times already," he said, gesturing again to the list of students. "At two-hundred twelve. At two-hundred three. At one-hundred ninety-one."

Tsk tsk. Seems like someone didn't bother to find out what had already been asked at office hours that day.