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College of Arts and Sciences Receives Generous Donation of 1995 Windows PC


Photo by Retrosystems 2010 / CC BY-SA 2.0

In an unprecedented display of charity, an anonymous donor has gifted the College of Arts and Sciences a 23-year-old Windows computer—the largest gift in the school’s history

The donation, valued at nine dollars and complete with a keyboard, mouse, and fifteen-pound cathode ray display, is expected to have a significant impact on the school. “Right now, we do everything on paper,” said Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Steven J. Fluharty. “We’ve heard about these ‘personal computers’ but never thought the College would actually own one itself.”

Administrators and select students will now be able to read data from floppy disks, type documents up to three pages in length, and connect to the College’s brand new fax machine. “Goodbye, typewriters!” said Anthropology PhD student Gretchen Wilson.

The Board of Trustees hopes that the donation will inspire other CAS alumni to follow suit. “We’ve been trying to contact the two wealthy alumni we know,” said a board representative. “Hopefully one will contribute some books, maybe a chalkboard. Really anything helps."