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College Econ Major Explains Benefits of Liberal Arts Education to Goldman Sachs Recruiter


Photo by TeroVesalainen / CC0

Paul Hardy (C ‘20) came to college seeking an interdisciplinary education, but he was also interested in the economy and wanted to pursue a career in finance. Conflicted between enrolling in a business school or receiving a well-rounded college education, Hardy eventually decided to study economics in the College.

So when he interviewed at Goldman Sachs for a summer internship, Hardy wanted to make it explicitly clear that he had chosen the College for its intellectual breadth, and not for any other reason.

“You know, I could've easily applied to Wharton,” Hardy explained. “But there was no point; everything you learn is so applied and specific. I could learn that kind of stuff on Youtube. It’s not really much of a college education."

"Having a business degree as an undergraduate is pretty much useless anyway," he continued. "My dad works on Wall Street and he says that firms these days are looking for people who can think. All Wharton does is create mindless robots.”

Then Hardy walked out, calm and collected, having said what he needed to say.

“I think it went well,” Hardy said. “I’m pretty sure they have a good understanding of my academic goals. I truly believe that the College produces far more qualified candidates than Wharton. You guys believe me, right?”