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Smart! Put Completed Tasks on To-Do Lists So You Finally Have Something to Cross Off


Photo by john.schultz / CC BY-SA 2.0

With midterm season in full swing, sometimes it might feel like the work is never-ending. Assignments are getting longer and more complicated, harder to finish in one go the night before they're due. It can be hard to find the motivation just to get started. 

But being productive can actually feel pretty rewarding. Looking for the hit of dopamine that comes with the strikethrough of a daunting assignment without doing any additional work? 

Simple! Just add tasks to the bottom that you’ve already accomplished! While the sight of a longer list might add momentary anxiety, it will quickly disappear once you eliminate the task with the flick of a pen. The tasks don’t even need to be school related. Get out of bed this morning? Check it off! Remember how to blink? Done! Now you can go out and forget that you ever had work to do.