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Adam First


BREAKING: If Wendell Pritchett Sees His Shadow, We Get Vaccines Before May

Last year, when he didn’t see his shadow, Pritchett announced that all students should rapidly abandon campus and finish the semester online. 

Good News! Simultaneous Tube Spitting Not Awkward Whatsoever

Get on out there you amylase-generating animals!

None of Our Articles As Funny as Four Seasons Total Landscaping Debacle

There is literally nothing else for me to add to make the situation funnier than it is

BREAKING: Heirloom Trip Ends with Total Under $6,000

“We here at Heirloom-Giant profoundly apologize for this grave error, and want to ensure our customers that it will never happen again.”

OP-ED: Did You Just Use the Word Smart?

Oh, give me a break.

BREAKING: Trump Tests Positive for Democratic Hoax

Trump is usually so good at coming up with his own hoaxes so it’s just a little disappointing to see him play into someone else’s this time.

OP-ED: Sorry I’m Late I Couldn’t Find the Zoom Link

Hey I’m so sorry can you resend me the zoom link for today? Ugh, I know, I don’t know why I keep losing it. 

Adult Auditors Still Awaiting New Housing Assignments Too, Guys

While rising seniors are struggling with the uncertainty, Penn’s star-studded squad of super super seniors is taking it even harder. 

With Finals Over, Josh Looking Forward to More of the Same

With his usual summer activities on hold, Josh continues to spend much of his time sitting on the floor of his childhood bedroom with his laptop in his lap and a slight sadness on his face. 

Excerpts From My Quarantine Dream Journal With Zero Context

Why write down real, accurate, historical things that have actually happened when you can record the funny things your brain makes up at night?

Zoinks! Airpods Already Out of Battery

Despite leaving them in her charging case for thirty-four minutes prior, her milky white listening devices have failed her. 

PSA: You Should Probably Wash Your Towel Now

I know this is going to be hard for you to hear, but the time has come for you to take that towel and put it on the floor to be washed a month from now when you get to it. 

A Message From the Provost: You Don’t Have to Go Home, but You Can’t Stay Here

It’s closing time. Like Fresh Grocer or Bobby’s Burgers, time to get gone people.

OP-ED: Caution, Bus is Turning

Caution, bus is turning. Yes, this bus. Turning now. Right now. 

OP-ED: Thanks Handshake, How’d You Know I’m Dying to Be an Ice Sculptor?

So when I logged in and saw that Handshake was proposing Ice Sculptor as a potential career path for me, I knew I had to hear my best friend out.

Can You Guess the Campus Building Based on My Bad Drawing of It?

See if you can identify each of these campus structures based on my fine arts degree worthy drawing of it. Slide the slider back and forth over each picture to reveal the answer!

Senior Denied AI Internship by AI Interviewer

He thought he had nailed the interview, only to receive a short rejection response just .32 seconds after hanging up through Skype. 

Professor Submits Final Grades Late, Now HE Loses Half a Letter Grade

Well, well, well, would you look at that: it’s syllabus policy revenge time.

Junior Waits an Hour for P Sweater, Realizes She Only Knows Two Members of Her Class

Lucky for everyone, two measly hours is more than enough time to find and categorize sweaters for over 2000 individuals.