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OP-ED: Is He Flirting With You or Giving You a Look Because You Can't Stop Coughing?


Photo from Max Pixel / CC0

Flirting is hard, especially when you’re coughing manically at the same time. The ability to pick up on subtle cues is essential in the dating game. Sometimes though, it’s hard to tell though if a potential boyfriend is flirting with you or just giving you a look while you’re in the middle of a cough attack in Fisher Fine Arts. Here are some tips to figure it out once and for all. 

Does he stare longingly at you or is it a quick glare while he’s in the middle of concentrating on his problem set?   

If you notice him gazing over, smile and wink at him. If he’s into you, he’s going to smile back. If he’s angry that you haven’t stopped coughing for 12 minutes now, he’ll just glare harder. It’s a surefire way to know whether or not he thinks of you as cute or just extremely annoying. 

Has he asked you thoughtful questions? 

Chances are, if he’s interested in knowing more about you he’s not opposed to going on a date to learn more. If he has never talked to you except that one time he said “excuse me” as he shuffled past you to avoid the loud coughs, you might want to reconsider asking him out. 

Does he make an effort to be closer to you?

If he subtly moves further and further away from you, there’s a chance you’re coughing way too much and need to be at home in bed instead of out in public.