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Schools In! That Means It's Time for Jessica to Confront Her Semi-Exclusive Summer Fling on What the Summer Meant to Him


Photo from Flickr / CC by 2.0

Uh oh! The drunken haze that is NSO has ended, and now Jessica Talluto (C ’21) must confront her boy-toy of five months, Justin Tan (W ’20), about her inevitable feelings for him. 

Well, actually, feelings for him isn’t entirely accurate—that is, if he doesn’t want anything serious with her. She’s “chill” and “down for whatever,” a source close to Talluto reveals.  

“No, that weekend down at the shore when he took me out to a nice dinner, strolled down the boardwalk with me, all dressed up from the restaurant, and then led me down to the ocean to watch the sunset didn’t mean anything to me,” Talluto shared. “Wait—did Justin say something else? Have you spoken to him?”

Sorry Jessica; he hasn’t said a word about you! UTB reached out to him for comment, but he was too busy hanging out with that girl you don’t like. You know, the pretty one with the perfect hair. She’s the one that all his friends talk about when you’re around!

Talluto reportedly reached out to Tan to talk. Sources confirm that Tan is willing to “grab coffee sometime,” but refuses to make eye contact with Talluto at parties or when passing her on Locust. How gallant! 

Looks like it’s time for Talluto to start planning a way to get close to one of his frat brothers so that she can show Tan what he’s missing at his next date night.