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Freshman at Career Fair Wants to Work for The Goldman Sachs


Photo by Amtec Photos / CC BY-SA 2.0

Career fairs always bring out some of Penn’s brightest, keenest individuals. However, some students take it to another level. 

Much to the ire of juniors in the room—people who actually needed internships—Teddy Cable (W ’22) let recruiters know exactly what he wanted at a recent fair.

“I want to work for The Goldman Sachs,” Cable told a recruiter from a firm, whose table was clearly labeled Wells Fargo. 

Despite lacking personality, he was able to convey his passion for macroeconomics and valuation models.

“He didn’t really know anything at all, other than how to do a DCF flawlessly. That is honestly pretty impressive. Also, now that I think about it, his answers were verbatim out of Breaking into Wall Street,” the recruiter told us. “He has remarkable potential.”

Cable was on his way to securing an interview, before revealing that he was a freshman and thus a victim of age discrimination.