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Freshman Delighted To Discover Last Page Of Six Page Reading is a Bibliography


Photo by jerrykimbrell10 / CC0

Saying that Lisa Simmons (C ‘22) was having a bad week would be an understatement. Her busy schedule has drained her physically and emotionally, and she was beginning to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Every problem set, every textbook reading, every essay brought her anguish beyond description. It was slowly becoming too much to handle, and Lisa was losing hope. It didn’t seem like anything was going her way.

So when Lisa sat down for her psychology reading, she expected hell. A six page, 10 point font, single spaced behemoth of a reading laid before her. She’d been here before. She would read a few paragraphs, the words flowing through her eyes but not reaching her brain, and then stop minutes later only to remember nothing but a string of meaningless symbols.

Imagine Lisa’s surprise when, upon turning to the last page, she discovered that it was just a works cited page. A reading that she thought would trudge on for another page of agony was over much sooner than she expected. Lisa’s face burst into a relieved smile—the first one she had in weeks—and she stood up from her desk, ready to take on the world. Bibliographies rock.