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Senior With 'Not Enough Time' to Help With Group Project Solves O.J. Simpson Case for 8th Time


Photo by Charles LeBlanc on Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Anna Jefferson (C ‘18) is a sociology major and a self-proclaimed "leading expert" in the O.J. Simpson case. After spending over 300 hours studying evidence and old files instead of doing homework, she concluded that the killer of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman was not O.J., but, actually Jeb Bush

“I mean just think about it—he’s the perfect killer,” she wrote in her online blog, titled Unsolved Mysteries Solved by an Ivy League Mastermind. “People go, like, 11 months without remembering that he exists. He has never been investigated, so we don’t know if he has an alibi or not. We’ve all seen the look in his eyes when he said ‘please clap’—the look of a cold-blooded killer.” 

Despite having reached a conclusion to the case, she nonetheless spends most of her PSYC 001 lectures reading more about the trial. Unfortunately, her obsession has not only interfered with her own learning, but it has affected her group project partners as well. 

“She said that she’d be busy studying for a midterm for the whole day, but I found her in a carrel on the 3rd floor of VP watching O.J. Simpson documentaries,” one group member reported. “When she saw me, she invited me to come watch with her instead of actually doing our homework.” 

Jefferson’s other group members echoed similar sentiments. One said that she “spends all of class taking Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you which juror from the O.J. Simpson case you are,” and another claimed that Jefferson frequently exclaims “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!” at inappropriate times during group discussions.