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BREAKING: Guy Wearing Lacrosse Hat, Shorts, Backpack, and Jacket on Lacrosse Team

Photo by Chase Sutton / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Wow! Talk about a superstar athlete.

Austin Johnson (C '20) is known for many things: playing lacrosse, watching lacrosse, and sometimes even coaching lacrosse. That's right—Johnson is a member of the Penn Varsity Lacrosse team!

Though you couldn't tell it by looking at his feet, basically every other part of his body is donned in Penn lacrosse gear. Regularly sporting Penn lacrosse hats, water bottles, sweatpants, onesies, and male rompers, Johnson has made it his life's effort to quench any doubt that he is not on the lacrosse team.

A man of few interests, Johnson has spent his entire college career exploring his deep passion for the sport through playing, representing, but most importantly, wearing Penn Lacrosse.

"I just think it's important to remind people what sport I play," Johnson said. "You know, just in case they forget or something. Sometimes I go 5 to ten minutes without mentioning it in conversation, so it's good to keep them updated on the status of my affiliation with Penn's varsity athletics program."

And haters say nobody at Penn cares about sports!