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Top 5 Lecture Halls for Eating a Loud, Smelly Meal


Photo by Jared Faust / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Have you ever picked up your second chicken over rice of the day and thought to yourself, "Hmm... I wonder which hot, crowded, uncomfortable classroom I should eat this in?" Well, we've got five lecture halls where you'll be sure to make your classmates gag!

5. College Hall 200

It's beautiful, scenic, and stuffy. A great place to enjoy a pungent tuna sandwich. Bonus points if it's during the SAC GBM at 6 p.m. while everyone else is hungry.

4. DRL A4

It just makes your math lecture a little more bearable. Don't worry about your food being noisy or smelly. You're in DRL; you deserve to treat yourself.

3. Meyerson B1

The space is so enormous that your obnoxious chewing and crunching will be notice only by a few rows. It's best if you choose to sit right in the front of the never-full hall and brush past people sitting on the ends to get to the middle while brandishing your food in their face.

2. Any Huntsman lecture hall

Wake up at 2:45 and need to rush to your 3 p.m. class? Have no fear; Pret's convenient location means you can grab a bowl of soup, stroll into lecture 5 minutes late, and slurp away in the back row. And the table space means you can spread out all your shit, too. Don't feel bad about this: do your neighbors need space for food? No, didn't think so.

1. Towne 100

Jammed shoulder to shoulder with your fellow engineers, the aroma of your chicken over rice will have a radius of dozens of people. It's the best spot on campus for sitting down with a nice early dinner and enjoying the look of consternation on the face of a sophomore who's skipped all his meals to code.