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Fine Arts Dept. Unveils New Course: 'How to Add Little Squiggly Lines to Photos'


Photo from Max Pixel / CC0

The Penn Fine Arts Department has just unveiled its newest full-credit course: “How to Add Little Squiggly Lines to Photos.” The move comes after a rise in party photography at Penn, in which fraternities and sororities hire someone who owns a nice camera to photograph their drunk members and add fun little squiggly lines to all the photos

The course meets for ten minutes each week outside of the design building. The first class is devoted to teaching the students how to add squiggly lines, and all preceding classes are spent practicing the method under varying degrees of inebriation and under the influence of different substances.  

“I’m really excited to get this class in motion,” says professor Anastasia Legrand, an untenured tenth-year teacher in the design school who is currently under academic investigation for long-term health damage to her students. “The department gave me a pretty sizable budget for this course, due to the expected demand. I was able to buy some top-tier party drugs that I’m really excited to force upon my students for the final.”

The class will no doubt be useful for students interested in photographing college events. Squiggly lines add so much to party photographs, elevating them from something that could be taken on an iPhone to something that could be taken on an iPhone with a photo-editing app.