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BREAKING: Penn Ranks #1 in Use of the Word 'Interdisciplinary' in Admissions Packets


Photo by Bryan Shin / CC BY-SA 3.0

Buzzword Alert!

Penn has once again achieved remarkable success in the US News Rankings of Top Colleges in the US. Despite falling behind in the overall rankings as well as in useless categories like student satisfaction, employment opportunities, and on-campus housing, Penn continues to top the category that matters the most: The use of the word "Interdisciplinary".

US News reports that Penn used the word 79 times in their admissions packets, over 7 times more frequently of their nearest competitors. Berkeley came in second with 6, Duke with 5, followed by literally every Ivy League school with either 0 or 1 mentions of the word.

"At Penn, we take an interdisciplinary approach to providing ours students diverse course opportunities in all departments," remarked President Gutmann. "Our students do minors, majors, dual degrees, triple degrees, quadruple degrees, and transfer into Wharton too!"

Many students are in fact proud of this accomplishment, and cite it as their primary reason for choosing Penn.

Jolene Nicholson (C '20, W '20, N '21, MD '23, JD '24, MBA '24) notes that she had many choices for her 6 anticipated degrees, but chose Penn because the university let her pursue all of them, for some inexplicable reason. "I take 12 classes per semester and I have a 1.43 GPA, but at least I get to take classes in all of Penn's wonderful departments!" Nicholson noted.