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Kid Who Refuses to Put Phone on Silent During Lecture Awarded Medal of Honor for Bravery


Photo by Holloman Air Force Base / Public Domain

Last week, the White House awarded College senior Victor Wu the Medal of Honor for his bravery in very large lecture halls. Even in his 500-person PSYC 001 lecture, Wu keeps his phone ringer on and refuses to silence it, even when someone calls him three times straight. 

He has the biggest balls out of anyone I’ve ever seen,” one of his professors said. “And trust me, as an academic, I’ve seen some very large balls before.”

Wu’s bravery is indeed somewhat of an anomaly, and leading scholars in social psychology are puzzled by his ability to “somehow not give a fuck,” despite passive aggressive glances from his professor and those sitting next to him. 

When asked about how he does it, Wu shrugged. “I just say to myself, ‘Fuck it, bro.’” 

Wu is also known for loudly rummaging through bags of chips in his backpack, an action that some believe may earn him further recognition for bravery.