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Poetry Professor Removes Plaid Sportcoat Before Seminar Climax


Photo by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung / CC-BY-SA-2.10

Eyewitness reports are confirming that Bert Saltalamacchia, Professor of English, took off his plaid sportcoat while delivering a feverish finale to his three hour seminar on Blake.

Professor Saltalamacchia wore a grey glen plaid coat over a white button-down shirt and trousers, as he usually does to his Tuesday undergraduate classes

However, things took a turn as he led the class discussion on “Auguries of Innocence.” Students report that Saltalamacchia began gesticulating wildly, speaking animatedly, and excitedly calling on people to speak.

After an hours-long crescendo, Saltalamacchia finally became so feverishly excited about the poem that he removed his sportcoat, baring his dress shirt to the class. He remained this way through the end of class.

Additional unconfirmed reports suggest that Saltalamacchia repeatedly put on and took off his tortoise-shell glasses while reading from the book, scratched at his salt-and-pepper beard, and licked his finger before turning a page.