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OP-ED: Please Read This. My Dad Thinks It's Cool When My Posts Are Popular.


Photo by Kec45 / CC-ASA-3.0

Thanks for clicking. You’ve done me a tremendous service by opening this post, thereby boosting its readership metrics and hopefully getting it into the “Most Read” section. 

If the post is popular, there’s a good shot my dad will text me about it. He might even say something encouraging like “Nice job!” or “Cool.” 

That would make me very happy.

You see, I like when my posts are popular because it means you, the readers, enjoyed what I wrote and laughed a little. I like to make you guys laugh. It’s why I write these posts.

More so, I like when my dad notices how popular the posts are and congratulates me. It makes me feel loved and valued. We can all agree that this is a nice feeling.

So, thanks. And please read the next one.