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OP-ED: Please Send Me Your Answers to the Homework (So I Can Compare)


Photo by Hades2k / CC BY-SA 2.0

Hey, friend. I see you’ve finished the problem set due tomorrow. Me? No, I haven’t started—had to see some friends at Smokes last night. Yeah, the night before too. It’s just been busy.

Anyway, can I see what you got for number five? I’m almost finished—well, almost finished thinking about it—and it’d be great if I could see your answer to compare. Actually, can you send me all of your work, too? So I can see where we disagree.

While you're at it, could you send me your work for problems one, two, and three? Four too, I guess. And six through ten if it’s not any trouble. I’ll let you know if we have different answers.

Did he go over how to do these in class? I missed a few lectures and the slides are confusing. Would you mind emailing me your notes? Chapter 3 I think? You know what, just send me everything.

Thanks, you’re a real life saver. I’ll change some stuff around so our work looks different.

Anyway, let me know if you need bud.