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Sophomore Rejected From Club After Grueling Superday


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

“I never knew that someone could be robbed of that much time.”

Daniel Garza (E ’21) noted as he drifted onto Locust Walk in his suit and tie. He looked broken and beaten—exactly what the Blockchain Consulting Group wanted.

The day started with a Penn Transit shuttle from Rodin to Engineering, and it only went downhill from there. Garza was queried about social impact, brainteasers, and meaningless trivia about cryptocurrencies. 

After talking to five seemingly irrelevant people—all sophomores or younger—Garza was tasked with programming an Ethereum contract (despite not having a coding background) and asked to analyze a case.

“At that point I thought I was actually recruiting for BCG,” Garza told us.

With four hours down the drain, Garza was met with his final challenge: an HR interview with the Chief of Recruitment. It just so happens that the two were super close during NSO, but the Chief could not recall Garza’s name.

Two hours later, Garza was sent a rejection email.