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BREAKING: Penn Student's 'Birthright Vlog 2018!' Set for Distribution With 20th Century Fox


Photo by Pixabay / CC0

In a bold decision certain to send shockwaves through both the University and Hollywood, College junior Max Rather inked a deal with 20th Century Fox on Tuesday for distribution of his short film “Birthright Vlog 2018!” 

The film, clocking in at around four minutes and 34 seconds, follows Rather as he makes the trek from his hometown of Edison, New Jersey to Tel Aviv, Israel. Promising to show viewers “every part of this great experience,” the movie consists of grainy Snapchat videos from a nightclub and a photo of Rather and his friends with the caption “I’ll negEVER Forget You Guys!”

In Rather’s own words, “I took Video 001 my freshmen year, and so had a pretty good grasp on cinematic techniques. I wanted to showcase my abilities through the vlogging medium, but unfortunately after touching down in Ben Gurion I kind of forgot to vlog for most of the trip. Thank God for saved snapchats.”

Ryan Rather, head of distribution at 20th Century Fox and Max’s father said in a statement, “We’re really happy to be working with Max to help distribute such a great film. In times where the market seems saturated with blockbuster films, we’re proud to be helping independent filmmakers, such as my son, find a wider audience.” 

The film, co-produced with fellow Penn student Daniel Weisman, will be released exclusively on Southwest Airlines and Crackle.