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BREAKING: Penn Student's 'Birthright Vlog 2018!' Set for Distribution With 20th Century Fox

In a bold decision certain to send shockwaves through both the University and Hollywood, College junior Max Rather inked a deal with 20th Century Fox on Tuesday for distribution of his short film “Birthright Vlog 2018!”

Nine Hour NEC Trial Ends Just Shy of Ten Hour Goal

With outcry by some over the what was seen as unnecessarily long process, the NEC on Monday released a statement saying it will try better in the future to get to a nice, even ten hours. 

Classics Major attempts British accent, and O! How the Muses Sing through Him

Bateman, a native of Solon, Ohio, explained his approach. "I tried to imagine those ancient Greeks around a crackling fire-- almost like our seminar in Claudia Cohen-- and just thought how to read the story as they would, which would obviously be in the King's English.

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VIDEO: Spooky Suitor