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A Cappella Group Finally Releases 2006 Spring Show Recording

On Friday, Penn’s premiere alt-jazz indie-hop scat-bop k-pop a cappella group Kite and Off-Key stirred up the campus music scene with the release of the recording of their 2006 spring show, Pluton’t You Wanna Make Some Music With Us.

Vice Provost Wendell Pritchett Just Happy to Be Here

Known to most students for speaking at convocation and co-signing emails with President Amy Gutmann, Pritchett spends his the bulk of his time these days lounging in his den.

Doctors Who Did Surgery on a Grape Give Talk at Penn Med

"We did it. We did surgery on a grape."

Wow! Dean Furda and Your Uncle Really Hit it Off This Thanksgiving

Who is that giggling across the table? Who else, but Dean of Admissions Eric Furda and your Uncle Mike, childishly saying the word "basted" over and over.

Penn Bookstore Introduces Wharton-Branded, 25lb. Frozen Turkey

As a part of a special promotion for the Thanksgiving holiday, the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore has unveiled its new Wharton-branded, 25 lb. frozen turkey.

BREAKING: Daniel is Thinking of Starting a Streetwear Brand

Question is, did you fill out the Google Form asking you which shirt you’d buy?

Amy Gutmann Reportedly Spending Up to 3 Hours Daily Practicing High Five

Gutmann will “take a sharpie, trace her hand shape onto a mirror, and just keep high fiving it until the glass breaks.” 

OP-ED: Wearing Allbirds Doesn’t Mean I’ll Work In Tech (But I Probably Will)

I’ll say it. Penn has a problem with stereotypes. 

Study Finds Cocaine Usage Plummets in November Due to Increase in Icky Nose Boogers

"Frankly, we are shocked by these findings. We always thought sniffling when it gets a little chilly was a result of cocaine usage."

Voting Along Party Lines, Student Selects 'D' for Every Answer on Econ Midterm

Bowers said on exiting Towne “I’m just hoping a lot more people made the choice I made today. Because if not, the curve is really going to fuck me over.” 

OP-ED: I Wouldn’t Be Failing My Midterms If Bob Mueller Would Just Get This Whole Thing Over With Already

Let's just call the whole thing off. You don’t want my grades to be as bad as the President’s, do you?

Slow Down There Pardner! I Ain’t Lookin' to Duel—It’s Just so Cold I Put My Hands in My Front Pockets

Woah there bucko! Git that duelin’ look out yer eyes.

5 Supplemental Vitamins That Say 'I Am Slowly Deteriorating'

Here at Penn we live in more of a petri dish than a melting pot, and so as you slowly fall apart this October and November, check out these 5 supplemental vitamins whose sole function is to keep you operating at a basic human level. 

Watch Out: Sophomore to Lead NOAA After Mentioning He 'Can’t Remember the Last Time October Was This Warm'

Move over OCR, and make room for OAR (Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research).

BREAKING: Penn Student's 'Birthright Vlog 2018!' Set for Distribution With 20th Century Fox

In a bold decision certain to send shockwaves through both the University and Hollywood, College junior Max Rather inked a deal with 20th Century Fox on Tuesday for distribution of his short film “Birthright Vlog 2018!”

Nine Hour NEC Trial Ends Just Shy of Ten Hour Goal

With outcry by some over the what was seen as unnecessarily long process, the NEC on Monday released a statement saying it will try better in the future to get to a nice, even ten hours. 

Classics Major Attempts British accent, and O! How the Muses Sing Through Him

Bateman, a native of Solon, Ohio, explained his approach. "I tried to imagine those ancient Greeks around a crackling fire-- almost like our seminar in Claudia Cohen-- and just thought how to read the story as they would, which would obviously be in the King's English.

VIDEO: Spicy Bowl Challenge