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New Study Finds 6th Consecutive 'Ice-ing' Way Less Funny Than First


Photo from pixabay / CC0

A recent study sponsored by Penn's Office of Student Affairs found that the sixth consecutive time you force your friend to drink a Smirnoff Ice on one knee is "way less funny" than the first. The conclusion was supported in multiple different environments, such as a pregame, Banana Leaf, or in your living with just you and your friend alone.

The study found that while the first "Ice-ing" was often seen as an act of comedic genius, the subsequent pranks resulted in significantly lower audience participation and cheering. Researchers confirmed that the fifth and sixth occurrences felt much more disruptive than conducive to the party atmosphere.

How long it took the victim to finish the bottle also appeared to follow a bell curve in relation to the "litness" of the party. "When my buddy Mike started chugging, we were all hype," said recent BYO participant Jerry Rice (C '21). "Then, everything changed. Mike decided he had to take a break because he said his deviated septum made it hard for him to breathe through his nose. Way to kill the vibe, asshole."