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Fine Arts Student Discovers Abstract Algebra has Nothing to do With Abstract Art

Photo from Pxhere / CC0

Panic quickly devolved into horror in class today as fine arts major April Hubman (C ’20) suddenly realized that the abstract algebra class she was in had absolutely nothing to do with abstract art.

“I could have sworn that the professor was analyzing Kandinsky or something,” Hubman vowed, recalling the indecipherable diagrams that had been drawn on the board during lecture.

Hubman, who signed up for Math 502 after being inspired by an “artsy-fartsy” fractal, already had her own personal suspicions about the class prior to her revelation.

"I just felt that the professor wasn't feeling the emotions of the art he was teaching," Hubman recollected. "Something was definitely up."

To her dismay, Hubman's first midterm had been handed back to her covered in copious amounts of red ink. Confused by the exam’s instructions to “prove that an element of abelian group G has an order of prime divisor p,” Hubman had instead used her pencil to sketch a cubist interpretation of a silly monkey holding 2 bananas.

“It’s because 1+1=2,” Hubman defended her answer to the grizzled professor. “That’s a true fact, and you can’t fight me on that.”

As it turns out, she wasn’t that far off. She should have drawn a young grizzly bear wearing a bowler hat for full credit.