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Bold Student Takes Initiative to Close Window in Chilly Classroom


Photo by Cade Martin / CC0

Last Thursday at 1:34 p.m., Martin Clarence (C ’20) discovered something he'd long been suspecting: He is, in fact, better than other people. He is a hero.

It was a chilly day, and students shivered in their seats, expecting no respite from the cold for another three hours. Many resentfully eyed the half-open window, rightfully blaming it for their current suffering.

Clarence’s classmate Lisa Thompson (C ’21) shared with UTB that she considered on multiple occasions getting up to close the window, but simply couldn’t pluck up the courage to get up and disrupt the class after their professor had already pulled up his PowerPoint. That’s when Clarence swept in and, without an ounce of shame, got up mid-lecture to close the classroom window.

If Clarence’s actions have taught us here at UTB anything, it’s that anyone can be a hero, but only Martin Clarence actually is one.