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BREAKING: Daniel is Thinking of Starting a Streetwear Brand


Photo from Max Pixel / CC0

That’s right, fuckers. Daniel has been talking about it for a while, but this time it’s serious. He has a spreadsheet, he’s got Adobe Photoshop, and most importantly he’s memorized his step-dad’s credit card info. Question is, did you fill out the Google Form asking you which shirt you’d buy? Because, let’s face it, Daniel is finally thinking about starting a streetwear brand.

The actual name is still in the works, but Daniel is working with some pretty high concept stuff in the meantime. The Trix Rabbit smoking weed? Yup. Ben Franklin taking fat bong rips? Oh, you betcha. Hell, he might show Ben Franklin and that wascally Rabbit sharing a fat joint. All on one shirt. That he’ll probably sell for $30 or $40, by the way. 


Oh what’s that? It’s just the sound of a great opportunity passing you by. Daniel just heard about this blockchain thing, and, let’s be real, it’s probably a much safer investment.