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Wow! Dean Furda and Your Uncle Really Hit it Off This Thanksgiving


Graphic by Sophie Trotto / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Photos by Alexandra Fleischman / The Daily Pennsylvanian, Tumisu / CC0

The turkey sits carved while the gravy boat simmers. Your Aunt Norma begins to recite Grace. Everyone is ready to begin this Thanksgiving feast except... who is that giggling across the table? Who else, but Dean of Admissions Eric Furda and your Uncle Mike, childishly saying the word "basted" over and over. You thought that bringing the Dean of Admissions to your family’s Thanksgiving would be a good opportunity to get to know each other, but it turns out he and your uncle are the ones really hitting it off this year. 

The day started off fine enough. You and Dean Furda were just discussing admission statistics, as you would want. Then your Uncle Mike came up to you, tousled your hair, and made a joke about how the admissions officers must have been smoking “something else” to let him into Penn back in the 60s. You tried explaining it was actually because of deeply entrenched legacy ties to the University. Dean Furda just laughed and said “you gotta see what we’re smoking now.” They made eye contact and laughed.  

Then the discussion turned to IPAs. You tried to get in on the conversation, but Dean Furda joked that he would have to “call the Task Force on you” because you were underage. That reference was so last year, but it stung coming from him. Uncle Mike guffawed. You retreated back to the kids couch. 

Watching from afar as the two discussed the "horrid state of affairs" this country was in, your uncle cracked a joke that it "wasn’t this bad under Bush" to which Furda replied, "which one?" They both laughed. Then, Dean Furda started showing Uncle Mike the pics of him photobombing Kevin Hart at the Sixers game. He had never shown you those pics.

They’re both on their fourth Rolling Rock of the night. They’re talking in hushed whispers, looking up at you, and laughing. Oh, god, you think Dean Furda is pulling up your admission file on his phone.

At least you’ll always have Pool Party. Oh, wait.