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Wow! Student Downloads F.lux, Gains Power of The Sun


Photo by Stephen Lafleur / CC BY-SA 3.0

For years, Gene Klein (W ’21) has been complaining about his lack of sleep.

“I just never feel rested you know," Klein explained. "It’s like no matter what I do I’m always tired.” Klein has had the same nightly routine since his junior year of high school: Drink sleepy time tea, get into bed at 11 p.m., read a chapter of a book, and then watch three to four hours of YouTube on his laptop with the brightness all the way up. “I mean I’m getting into bed at 11. That’s really good for people my age," Klein explained. "So why am I still sleeping so badly?” 

Recently, however, Klein has found the answer he’s been looking for. He downloaded f.lux, an application that turns off all the artificial blue light produced by the screen. Since downloading the app, Klein feels much more appreciative for natural light, and has seen some great benefits. He is sleeping a little better, his eyes are far less irritated, and he has obtained the glorious power of the Sun. 

“When I wake up, I really notice that I feel more refreshed than before. It's definitely been an improvement” said Klein, adding, “Oh, and I’ve been able to internally conduct nuclear fusion to produce massive amounts of raw energy and power. But really, when I wake up, its just like, wow. I’m a whole new person, and my sleep is so good.”

Since feeling the effects of the app, Klein's life has changed accordingly. He now gets out of bed in the morning about 10 minutes before he normally did, and has even started to appreciate the morning air. Klein's newfound magnetic field and gravitational pull have been tough to adjust to, but luckily he has learned to control the solar flares that randomly vaporize everything in his vicinity.