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OP-ED: Forget 'Hell Week,' It's Just a Hell Semester at This Point


Graphic by Sophie Trotto / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Photos from GoodFreePhotos, pngimages / CC0

Okay, I have a question. How does one identify a hell week if... uhhh... they’re all are kind of terrible? It's a paper and two midterms one week, three assignments the next, then two essays, and so on and so forth until you’ve gone through so many papers that you begin to think you’re actually the biggest threat to the rainforests.   

Now look, I’m not great at math (which is why math is usually a part of all of my hell weeks), but I just feel like having many hell weeks in a row has got to add up to something. 

I have intensely studied the conversion rates and determined that a few hell weeks should equal one hell month. We know that midterm season lasts for a few months, so those months should also add up. Cross multiply and let’s just call these handful of months for what they are — one hell semester.