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That Kid Who Always Leaves 20 Minutes into Lecture? Here’s Where He’s Going


Photo by woodleywonderworks / CC BY 2.0

Arth 478: Exploration of Renaissance Art meets every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Jaffe Building. And during every lecture at precisely 1:52 p.m., like clockwork, Jackson Moore (C '19) can be seen by his classmates packing up his belongings and walking out the door. A thorough investigation of Moore was recently conducted, following him on a few of his outings in order to finally discover his whereabouts. The findings have been published below: 

His room – Moore would often leave class early to take a nap. Sweet dreams! 

Rescuing a Kitten from a Tree – What a hero! On multiple occasions, Moore was seen wandering around local arboretums, searching for any trapped cats in need of his assistance. 

Greenville, Illinois – Everyone gets homesick from time to time, so Moore sometimes returns home to have lunch with his family before flying back just in time for his 4 p.m. recitation. 

The Moon – as part of a senior project, Moore is working to determine the pH of soil on the moon. He has been known to use the time allocated for other classes to collect samples. 

The Actual Renaissance – While his classmates are learning from Powerpoint slides and pixelated images, Moore uses his time machine to travel back to the Renaissance in order to fully engage in the subject matter.